Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Rosemary Morrow & Tina Lymberis, Greece, September 2015!

PDC RoweMorrow-en-web


Come and learn about permaculture with Rosemary Morrow and Tina Lymberis in Nea Makri (Athens). The emphasis is on the Mediterranean climate and dryland strategies.

27 September – 9 October 2015 (13 days)

The weather will still be warm, so combine it with your holidays, take it on its own or sprinkle it with other experiences. Whatever you decide, if you’ve thought about doing a PDC, come and do it with us in Greece!

It’s the classic Permaculture Design Course (PDC), the internationally-recognized seventy-two hour course resulting in a Permaculture Design Certificate which is a comprehensive introduction to permaculture design as set forth by movement founder Bill Mollison.

The course will run for 13 days (including a 1-day break) in English with a translation of the main terms for the greek-speakers.

Participants will learn:

  • approaches to design including: mapping; designing from patterns to details; analysis of elements; using slope & orientation; and analysing the needs and yields of systems
  • how to increase productivity using intensive garden design strategies including: stacking, soil-building, mulch, nutrient cycling, pest control, green manures, worms, compost & companion planting
  • how to survey landscapes for property design using simple and sophisticated tools; mapping and map making; and site analysis and assessment
  • how to read weather patterns; create and enhance micro-climates; and create design strategies for all major global climatic zones
  • how trees and forests regulate and moderate ecosystems; how to sustainably use, propagate, harvest and manage tree systems using techniques such as coppicing, pollarding, grafting, shelter belts, orchards, guild planting and succession planning
  • how to save money on energy bills with efficient home design, retrofitting, and renewable energy systems
  • multiple uses for greywater; constructed wetland design; and other techniques for treating “waste water
  • passive water hydration and infiltration, rainwater collection, storage and composting toilets
  • using reconstructive earthworks, water harvesting and soil conditioning to recharge ground water, re-hydrate and drought-proof the landscape
  • how to bring fertility back to the land and build topsoil through a diversity of ancient and modern techniques
  • how to cycle nutrients and incorporate animals into your system using innovative techniques such as chicken tractors, pannage systems, pigeon lofts, dairy systems and beekeeping
  • creating living ecosystems that feed and nurture us and future generations. Design through the use of nature’s rules to create a lush and resilient natural environment
  • aquaponic systems, the combination of aquaculture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing food without soil)
  • how to design solar-heated buildings (including cold-climate greenhouses). The use of natural building materials, energy efficient house placement and design and the assurance of a healthy indoor environment
  • strategies for creating community-wide sustainability, village development, alternative economies, local currencies, and how to organize community groups.

During the 13-day course (two six day segments with a day off in the middle), you will be supported in making an individual design (it could be farm, an apartment, a city block, or a community), as well as participate in a group design. This course is for you if you want to gain practical analytical skills and perspectives for living sustainably and productively.

What the PDC is not: 
The PDC is a course about how to design, for the most part it is not a hands-on course where you garden, build, create ponds, make compost, etc… Permaculture is a holistic system that needs to be understood in its entirety, after which you will be ready to go out and do as much practical work as you like! This means that while we will touch on the above topics, we will not focus on teaching you the practical skills for each one. Rather, we’re committed to teaching you foundational knowledge so you can create designs which are integrated, appropriate and clever!

Course dates

Begins: Sunday 27 September 2015
(arrivals Saturday 26 September)

Free day: Saturday 3 October

Ends: Friday 9 October 2015
(departures Saturday 10 October)


Rowe blackboardRosemary (Rowe) Morrow: an Australian permaculture veteran who is known for her pragmatic and effective approach to creating community-scale permaculture projects across a broad range of environments in countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia, Thailand, Albania, Afghanistan, Australia and Europe. With qualifications in agriculture, horticulture, rural sociology and adult education, Rowe sees herself as primarily a permaculture teacher. Her knowledge, gained over 40 years work, is used to create abundance, food security and successful sustainable farming models and is recognised in permaculture education today. Aside from teaching PDCs, Rowe now focuses more Teaching Permaculture Teachers, a training to share her knowledge with a new generation of permaculturists who are rapidly becoming effective and ethical permaculture teachers. This is how she connected with her co-teacher for this course, Tina Lymberis, in 2013.

She is the author of the “earth user’s guide to permaculture”, “earth user’s guide to teaching permaculture”, “Family Seedsaving Book”, and “A Good Home Forever (book and DVD)”.

She’s been educated as an electronic engineer, a trainer, even as a TV producer in her search for what would hold her interest long enough to make something good out of it. Permaculture was it! She’s been researching it, learning it, applying it and teaching it since 2010 and feels it’s the perfect way to combine all her passions and skills. She firmly believes that permaculture is the solution for many of Greece’s problems, that’s why she writes permaculture articles in greek on her blog, organises permaculture seminars and workshops, practices permaculture on whichever land she…lands on and helps other people do the same.

In 2014 she started the translation of Rosemary Morrow’s ‘earth user’s guide to permaculture’, which is expected to be self-published in the summer of 2015. If you would like to support the greek edition of this book, your surplus cash is welcomed here:

Feel good because your participation in the course will support:

> The greek translation and launch of Rosemary Morrow’s ‘earth user’s guide to permaculture’ (the first permaculture guide in greek, donations above!)

> The part-sponsorship of two Greek students’ attendance to the PDC

> The creation of The Permaculture Caravan, a mobile permaculture demonstration site (more details coming soon)!

> The work of the ‘Nea Guinea’ non-profit organization (NPO). ‘Nea Guinea’ was initiated in 2009 with the main objective of re-appropriating our everyday needs in terms of food, health, energy, shelter and clothing. Since then, the organization has been operating a number of projects developing different alternative practices and techniques on the previously mentioned subjects and also has been promoting these practices as tools for increasing self-sufficiency and resilience of people and communities. Νea Guinea’s activities aim to inform, educate, encourage and support people in redefining their basic everyday needs and getting actively involved in the production process in order to cover these needs based on their own knowledge and their own resources, becoming less dependent on the goods and services of the global market.

Nea Guinea’s activities are grouped under 5 basic streams:Nea Guinea garden
1. Education
2. Goods and services
3. Research and experimentation
4. Raising awareness
5. Community building and networking

More information about Nea Guinea.



The course fee includes breakfast, dinner, lunch and tea breaks (all vegetarian). Fresh organic vegetables will be provided by Nea Guinea’s garden, which is located within walking distance from the living quarters. Any extra food requirements will be sourced from our local farmers and wherever possible, organic food will be used in every meal. Ιf you have any allergies, please inform us when you register and bring your own supplies if you have specific dietary requirements.



The Nea Guinea living qdorms at Nea Guineauarters are equipped with two dormitory style rooms with bunk beds (8 bunks in one room and 6 in the other). There is also space for tents and hammocks in the garden. Bathrooms are shared, with one indoor bathroom with toilet and bath and one outdoor shower with washing basin. If you live in Athens, you can stay at your place and travel back and forth to the seminar if you wish.



There will be breaks during which a swim or a bike ride can be a great escape! A few bicycles will be available for all to use in order to discover the area, and the seaside is within walking distance from the living quarters. Bring musical instruments and anything creative that you can share with others for gatherings at the beach!


Come prepared!

The Permaculture Design Course is dynamic. Concentration and learning can be quite intense.We strongly recommend that you come well prepared by learning and reading as much as you can about Permaculture before coming to the course. Recommended reading: ‘earth user’s guide to permaculture’ by Rosemary Morrow.


> basic topographic plan and photos of the land/place you want to design during the PDC

> a substantial notebook, pens, pencils, coloured pencils and markers, ruler and tracing paper

> hat, gardening gloves, torch

> a cushion/fold-up chair if you feel that you may get uncomfortable sitting for long periods

> your own supplies if you have special dietary needs, or prefer particular teas or beverages

> swimming gear (+towel) & slippers


Nea Guinea gardenVenue

The course will be held the ‘Nea Guinea’ rurban educational centre in Nea Makri, 1 hour by bus from Athens.

More venue information and how to get there

Course costNea Guinea camping

The cost includes the course, vegetarian meals and accommodation.

A €150 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your place in the course. The remaining fee will be settled at the beginning of the course.

For campers/hammockers:
€550 – if booked and €150 paid by 31st August
€650 – if booked and €150 paid after 31st August

For dorm rooms:
€600 – if booked and €150 paid by 31st August
€700 – if booked and €150 paid after 31st August


Registration process

1) Press here to complete the registration form.

2) Await further instructions!

PLEASE NOTE: Please do not book your flights unless your place on this course is confirmed…or at least make sure that you have a good cancellation policy!


Contact (organiser)
Tina Lymberis
email –

skype: tina.lymberis
+30 6987 997 336


  1. kaiconfusion

    on 10th Sep, 15 02:09am

    Rosemary mentioned you and your work at her keynote speak today in London. First of all congratulations!
    Event hough I already have done a PDC I got interested in this one with Rosemary and I was wondering 1. If you are still accepting people? 2. How large the group will be? 3 If you accept people from other countries than Greece for this one too, as I understand the importance of supporting people in Greece?

    reply to this comment

    • Τίνα Λυμπέρη

      on 10th Sep, 15 10:09am

      Hi there!

      Unfortunately (or forunately for us) the course is fully booked with over 30 participants! I've taken on 1/3 'foreign' participants and 2/3 from Greece, so that we can maintain a balance and be able to support the greek students as much as possible.

      Cheers and thanks for connecting!

      reply to this comment

  2. Alessandro

    on 14th Sep, 15 01:09am

    Hi there, will there be more "editions" of this same course in the following months ?
    I love the idea of followin a PCD with Rosemary !!

    Thnk you


    reply to this comment

    • Τίνα Λυμπέρη

      on 15th Sep, 15 01:09pm

      Hi Alex!

      Would be good if she lived in Europe, however, Rosemary will be returning to Australia once she completes this PDC and the Permaculture Teacher's Training in Mallorca which starts on the 16th of October!


      reply to this comment

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